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Double Tree Renovation Shoot

A New Way to Do Business

For today’s business traveler journeying from conference to conference, tradeshow to tradeshow, hotel to hotel, and still working to keep daily business moving forward as smoothly as possible can be exhausting! Know the feeling? Biltmore Farms Hotels is offering you a new way to do business. Sure, we offer a wide variety of comfortable, accommodating conference rooms with up-to-date technology. And, of course, we have cozy beds, convenient bathrooms, and all of the other amenities you’ve come to expect and rely upon from Hilton and Marriott family hotels. We have breakfast, we have snack & beverage markets, and we have outdoor patios for evening catching up with clear mountain air.

However, we are also offering you a New Way to do Business by offering you 100,000 square feet of meeting space. Our sales managers are waiting and ready to give you the opportunity to use all of the resources our hotels have to offer, then step outside the four walls. We offer custom planning, design, and catering services in over fifty area locations and more than a few fields and mountaintops. And we are open to your new ideas!

Whether you want to start your event with calming yoga in a garden and finish the day with a bonfire under the stars or bring puppies in from a local rescue shelter for an afternoon stress reliever, our team is here and ready to offer you a new way to do business.

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