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Happy Global Handwashing Day 2019!

Happy Global Handwashing Day! Today is the perfect time to ponder the progress of human history. We’ve come so far and learned so much about medical advances, global advocacy, and humanitarian efforts. Handwashing is such a simple yet meaningful way to encourage disease prevention, and more importantly, celebrate human life.

But what happens in underdeveloped countries when there is a lack of clean water? What if there is no availability for basic cleaning supplies? How can we celebrate Global Handwashing Day when some people struggle for access to soap?

Biltmore Farms recognizes this need, which is why we are committed to partaking in the Clean The World Foundation‘s soap project. This non-profit partners with Hilton to recycle 100% of all soap products used within our properties. The soap is then donated to third-world countries, saving millions of lives each year.

The Global Handwashing Partnership has named their theme for Global Handwashing Day 2019 as “Clean Hands for All”. Biltmore Farms commends this cause and fully supports these efforts toward global disease prevention, an equitable supply of hygiene products, and creating a world of healthier, fulfilling lives.

Another aspect of cultivating a global standard of healthy living requires a sustained planet. Biltmore Farms’ participation in Clean the World also addresses this concern. In the United States, approximately two million bars of partially-used soap from hotels are carelessly discarded each day. However, with the Hilton-driven initiative, the soap bars are recycled and unnecessary production of hygiene materials is prevented.

One of our core tenets at Biltmore Farms is an emphasis on the environment and quality of life. We take action to pursue a thriving community and environmental stewardship. That’s why we value the sustainability and humanitarian endeavors of Global Handwashing Day. Clean hands and clean values drive the progress of our Biltmore Farms family.

Today, when you wash your hands, think about this culmination of sustainability and community outreach. And the next time you stay at one of our Biltmore Farms Hotels, know that you’ve chosen a company that shares your core concerns. Rest assured that your conventional hotel room amenities are not only sustainably recycled, but also going to those in need. Happy Global Handwashing Day 2019!