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Where To Stay When Disaster Leaves You Without A Home

Everyone loves booking a hotel room when planning a vacation, but booking a hotel for an unscheduled disaster? No thank you. With everything on your mind, it can be hard to choose the best location for your needs. If unexpected calamity has visited your home, here are a few things to consider when choosing lodging:

Is it affordable?

If you are out of your home for a considerable length of time, money for lodging should be the last thing on your mind! Choose a place that is reasonable for your budget and offers enough inclusions to offset the cost of the room. Also, if it’s an insurance claim, make sure you and the hotel are on the same page about how the billing will work.

Is it convenient?

You don’t want to be too far from home if you are supervising the work taking place. You also don’t want to be too far from work, school, or other daily responsibilities. Your extended stay should feel like more than a room, it should be a residence for this difficult time for you.

Can you keep your routine?

Most people don’t eat out every day, nor do they live in a one-room home. Staying in a standard hotel room, even a big one, can cause additional chaos and stress as the daily routine circles down the drain. Choosing lodging that is set up suite-style can be useful. This could include separate living and sleeping areas, a place to do paperwork, and of course, a coffee nook!

Do you have a pet?

Don’t leave your fur baby in a kennel alone! Find a pet friendly property with plenty of outdoor/indoor space for giving your pet fresh air and exercise.

Our Residence Inn General Manager, Andrew Alexander says,

“We often welcome guests who are going through a major project in their homes, whether from disaster, or planned renovations. We completely empathize with their stress, and our job is to make everything about their stay as smooth as possible. By offering one and two bedroom suites with separate living areas and convenient kitchens, we give our guests the opportunity to function in way most like when they are at home. I like that our indoor pool, outside play space, workout facility and evening social time gives our guests a fun chance to meet the ‘neighbors’ too! We count it a win when our long-term guests check out feeling less stressed than when they arrived. My team spends every day striving to show our guests that Residence Inn is more than a stay, we are a Residence”

Don’t let a temporary calamity at your house ruin your life. Consider the tips above to make your time away less stressful!